You know those “26.2” marathon bumper stickers? Sometimes I feel like mothers should display stickers with the weeks and days they have been pregnant. Is does feel like a marathon, doesn’t it?!

Anyway, as I am now over the halfway hump at 21.5 weeks, I thought I should write a brief update on Mary Grace.

She’s growing; therefore, I’m growing. And as I grow, people are beginning to feel compelled to pet my belly. I don’t mean to be a crazy, hormonal pregnant lady (oh wait…), but unless you’re my husband or one of my good friends, this is not something I enjoy. There, I said it. Perhaps I should start petting the stomachs of people who think this is ok… in fact, I do think that is a most excellent idea! 🙂

She is moving a lot. A lot a lot. This is one part of pregnancy that I love… until they get so large that it becomes uncomfortable.

Speaking of uncomfortable, as he was waking up the other day, Matt mumbled, “Catherine, did you know that you haven’t been sleeping well recently?”
Gee, I had no clue! Thanks for letting me know, dear.
I do actually feel for Matt as he is shivering himself to sleep as I am ripping the covers off of the bed in my overheated state and tossing and turning all night. I think all pregnant women have a tough time sleeping, and I know it’s only going to get worse. That is why naptime around here is a sacred, holy time.

I continue to crave anything spicy or Asian. And I was so repulsed by the candy corn my thoughtful husband brought home to me the other day that I had to toss them. This is yet another difference in my two pregnancies so far… I did not have a single weird food thing with Carson.

I have yet to buy anything of significance for our poor second child, though I did purchase this for her this morning…
Now that I am looking at the world of little girl products available out there, I am getting all nostalgic, and this book just makes me happy. Next up, I need to figure out the double stroller situation and eventually start working on the nursery. But for now, DVR and the couch are calling my name.

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  1. i was OBSESSED with angelina ballerina as a little girl!! 🙂 i wrote a blog entry on the stupid things people say/did when i was pregnant too, its AMAZING what they think is appropriate. Hang in there, i have no doubt you are a beautiful pregnant lady even when you're not feeling so great! enjoy the couch!!

  2. So glad that I am not the only one freezing my hubby out. Spence definitely slept in a sweatshirt, pants, and socks bundled under the covers while I had a tshirt, no covers and the fan blowing directly on me… joys of pregnancy!

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