Sweet girl,

I have no clue how six months have flown by so fast, but here we are. Happy half birthday!

You are truly a delightful baby and an amazing little girl. You are just so very content. You’re very generous with your smiles and laughter, but no one makes you smile like your big brother does. Carson is making you into a tough little girl. You put up with a lot from him, but he loves you so much.

Your gross motor skills are right up to par. You’re rolling all over the place and somehow manage to scoot your chubby little body all around the living room floor. You can sit for a few minutes at a time until you’ve had too much and topple over. You love your exersaucer and are starting to get crazy in your Johnny Jump-up.

Mary Grace, you love to eat. You’ve dined on avocado, peaches, apples, peas, squash, sweet potato, rice cereal, and oatmeal… and you love it all! You fuss if I don’t shovel the food in your mouth fast enough but spit it out if I’m too fast. You’re also taking a few sips out of a sippy cup with some help, which brings your brother endless entertainment. He’s constantly trying to jam his cups in your mouth which is somewhat concerning but mostly cute.

Oh and finally, I can say you’re an excellent sleeper! You’ll sleep about 12 uninterrupted hours at night and typically take two naps a day. You like to hold onto your stuffed bunny when you sleep. Most nights I nurse you to sleep, and I have absolutely no shame doing so. Surprise, surprise, you’re a morning person, just like you’re mom. You wake up cooing and smiling and just so very happy.

Your two lower teeth are breaking through. You love the taste of Tylenol. Your bald spot is filling back in. And you look good in jewelry.

I feel such a special bond to you, Mary Grace. Rest assured that I love you fiercely and am praying for you daily.

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  1. You are soooo beautifully alert with eyes that pierce the soul and glitter with inquisitiveness. Happy 6 months and thanks for the gift your smile brings to us. PawPaw & GrandMa

  2. Happy 6 month birthday to Mary Grace and happy Easter to each of you. To have these two "great-grandchilding" in our lives is truly and blessing from Heaven and we give thanks for each of you. We love you dearly.
    Pop and Anmamafaye

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