Saturday October 5, approximately 10pm:
Catherine browses through real estate listings online and spots a cute looking house in the perfect location. The house looks great online, so we decide to drive by it the next day.

Sunday October 6, approximately 3pm:
Matt and Catherine drive by said house, stealthily sneak around and peak in all of the windows, and scope out the neighborhood. Both love house. Catherine prophesies, “This is it, Matt!”

Sunday October 6, evening:
Matt sets up an appointment with the realtor for the following day during Catherine’s lunch hour.

Monday October 7, 12:25:
Catherine arrives at house late, as she just could not get rid of her last patient of the morning.

Twenty minutes later:
Catherine heads back to work. Matt and realtors work on writing up an offer.

Tuesday October 8, morning:
After counter-counteroffering, our offer is accepted. Holy moly.

Friday October 31, 11am:
We close on our cute new house. Yes, my friends, that is in 17 days. We are officially insane. Who wants to help us move??? 🙂

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  1. haha yay catherine and matt that is soooooooo exciting!!! I cannot wait to see pictures!
    ~Laura (aka your blog stalker)

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