I have been informed that my last post was pitifully depressing. My bad. But it was a pitifully depressing night, and I best process my feelings through writing. In fact, at times I feel as though I should pretend to turn mute and only write my thoughts and feelings out to Matt. Surely we would avoid all sorts of marital strife and stress that way. What? Strife and stress? Who us? Nah, we’ve never shared a harsh word or disagreement in the past eight years. Not us!

So, to lighten the mood (and to try to ignore the sinking feeling that I may be coming down with Mary Grace’s disease), I thought I would share some of my favoritest favorites over the past few weeks in no particular order…

1. H&M’s children’s line. My first experience in an H&M was a horrendously long shopping trip in Paris (thank you, Libby) circa 2001. After those vivid memories, I was completely turned off of this store. Since then, I have had a love/hate relationship with H&M. I had a freak out attack last night (surprise, surprise) that Carson had next to no clothes purchased yet for the fall, and H&M did just the ticket to calm me down this morning. The clothes are cute and cheap, and the boy’s selection was surprisingly plentiful. I’m once again a believer in H&M.

2. Everyone who has prayed us through and bent over backwards to help us out over this past week of craziness. You know who you are, and we are forever indebted to you.

3. All of the African babies who are going to be adopted from our church!! Most recently, the Hanlon family (who Ellie, Carson’s favorite friend-who-is-a-girl, belongs to) announced that they are adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia! So exciting!!

4. Pedipeds. I have found myself to be overwhelmingly and embarrassingly picky when it comes to little girl shoes. They are a little pricey, though, which is why I love #5.

5. Ebay. Good not only for pedipeds but for some of the other little girl clothes that I love but can’t otherwise afford. This might be the reason behind Carson’s bare closet (see #1).

6. TLC and ESPN. We have gone months and months without these channels (and many others) but switched to dirt-cheap Dish Network last weekend and love being reunited with our old favs. It doesn’t hurt that we were given an amazing early Christmas present of a big new TV last weekend. Alas, I can see the TV without squinting! And Matt is as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning every time he watches Sports Center in HD.

7. Bleach and Lysol. There’s something wonderful about smelling strong fumes of cleanliness after having a puking child all week.

So there you have it. Now you don’t have to sit up worrying about me and my pitiful blog posts. Or maybe that is just my mother. Anyway, today is a new day! Oh yeah, and it’s naptime. And boy oh boy, do we love naptime up in here.

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  1. love little kids H&M – the girls section is hit or miss though. while the little version of adult clothes are cute – i have reservations of dressing a little girl like an adult – you know what i mean? have never heard of pedipeds – will check them out – but love piperlime for shoes!

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