IMG_1230IMG_1231IMG_1243birthday breakfast of champions: Dunkin’ Donuts (I promise this birthday treat had nothing to do with my undying love of DD french vanilla coffee with skim and two splendas.  nothing at all.)

IMG_1244And now let us all pause and admire the Congolese meal that I was bound and determined to make for Elizabeth.  Chicken moambe, rice, beans (ehh, let’s just pretend that black beans with Mexican seasoning is authentic), fried plantains, and fufu.  Oh and Fanta.  Had to get Fanta.

IMG_1248Yes, I felt a teensy bit guilty serving Congolese food on an Elmo plate.  But girlfriend loved it.  She took one bite of fufu and started moaning.  And her whole face grinned with the Fanta.  Girl, don’t get too used to it.


Let’s not talk about the cake issues.  I sent Matt out to buy funfetti icing, and God bless his soul, he actually bought Pillsbury Funfetti frosting instead of reading my mind and buying Betty Crocker rainbow chip icing like I assumed he would (is anyone tracking with me here?  does anyone else understand the huge issue at hand here? I surely cannot be the only “funfetti” icing snob.)  Well, I put on my big girl pants, rallied with my non-rainbow-chip-frosting in hand and created a semi-cute cake.  Next year, I am buying the frosting.

IMG_1256Oh but look at how cute he is.  I mean, how cute they are.  I couldn’t stay irritated for long.

IMG_1257IMG_1262Now, that is a look of contentment.

Happy birthday, Elizabeth!

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  1. Ok gonna need a fufu explanation. And I love that you know the difference between the funfetti icing and the far superior rainbow chip icing 🙂

  2. YES to the icing woes. Funfetti icing isn’t what it used to be – they should obviously know that simply mixing in sprinkles with white icing is not okay. Rainbow chip all tha way.

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