Carson has really been cracking us up lately.  He’s such a unique kid with pretty well-defined interests for a five year old.  For instance, meet Man:

IMG_1118 This little guy was a Christmas gift from his grandparents and has been well-loved.  After “dissecting” and then rearranging the various organs and bones the other day, Carson insisted on making him the centerpiece of  our kitchen table.  Awesome.


 Then, this weekend, Carson began his long-awaited task of organizing his Legos.  Oh but organization wasn’t enough, y’all.  He insisted on labeling every.single.compartment. that housed his teeny blocks.  Even I am not that OCD, but we went with it.


 My favorite Carson-designated label?  “Human stuff”.


 And this? I guess the days of girls having cooties have now begun.

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  1. I LOVE the fact that my grandson is an ocd nerd. Anyone having a problem with it, see me….

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