Carson. Luke. Allison.

Didn’t anyone ever tell you pulling shenanigans like this- like TURNING ONE WHOLE DECADE OLD- isn’t good for your mother’s mental well-being?

Seriously though.

Carson, I don’t know if it’s something about a mama and her baby boy, but I basically think you’re the coolest ever.  With each passing year, I continue to watch you settle- with a quiet confidence- into your gifts and passions, and it’s absolute joy.

You continue to be a wildly voracious reader, and you have a book on you everywhere you go.  The playground.  The school cafeteria.  The bathroom.  Honestly? I have had moments of worry surrounding this and even asked your teacher this year, “Is this a problem?  Is this weird?  What about his peers?  Books aren’t necessarily a hot commodity for the average fourth grade boy.  Should we sneak a football into his hands instead?”  Suffice it to say, your sweet teacher set me straight REAL QUICK.

“Mrs. Allison.  Carson has friends.  He’s kind to others.  Others are kind to him.  He doesn’t feel the need to be like everyone else, and THAT IS A GOOD THING.  Let. The. Kid. Read.”

Got it.  Read on.

But she’s right.  Carson- you’re kind and compassionate and have an overall gentle, tender spirit.  You’re also a card-carrying introvert, and you love your quiet, your space, your people.  You don’t cast a crazy wide net for friends, but you do love the few best friends you have really hard.

You have an insanely strong sense of justice which is typically great… but has been known to get you into trouble. You’re a black and white thinker.  There is no such thing as grey area.  You’re logical.  Methodical.  And you stick to schedules and routines like a boss.

You’re (still) completely obsessed with Minecraft, Legos, and Pokemon.  You are a master of corny jokes.  And you continue to shave years off my life on the regular as you climb trees/poles/walls/anything climb-able like a crazy little ninja.

Carson, I feel all weepy as I think about the past ten years of your life and all that God has done in you.  This was a big year for you, fueled by a huge decision to follow Jesus.  As I mentioned, you carefully measure your decisions in life.  You research and you think and you overthink and you ask questions and you research some more before you jump.  DUDE I DO NOT KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THIS FROM.  (cough)  But you did this all with your decision to follow Christ, and in doing so, you saw and believed that he is worth it.  That Jesus is worth it every single time.  And time and time and time again.  So, basically, that’s all I could ask or pray for in your life and in all the decades to come.  That you would remember that Jesus is worth it.

Happy birthday, buddy.  I love you so stinkin much.