The hallmark of a first-time-mom-of-a-kindergartener is almost certainly her penchant to post his school projects online for all to admire.  So here I am.  Because, you guys, I just can’t help it.  This “about me” poster seriously brought tears to my eyes because it’s just so Carson.  It’s tough to read his little captions, so, in the very words of Carson, he loves: Legos, Duke, t-ball, the river, swimming, the beach, school (ahem, brown-noser), science (again…), playing outside, apples, and Jesus.  Yes, he insisted that the cross had to be in the center of the poster.  Oh, my heart.


And if that wasn’t enough to do me in, this was his homework last week.  His favorite community helper.  Someone please lie and tell me that he’ll always be this sweet.


All in all, kindergarten has been awesome.  Seriously great.  However, it hasn’t been ALL rainbows and daisies.  I’m still getting accustomed to this whole waking-napping-kids-for-another-carpool-line deal.  And Carson’s still getting used to his new schedule. His exhaustion at the end of the day typically yields afternoons of (a) tears or (b) bouncing off.the.wall.


I know, right?  He’s been insisting recently that he doesn’t want to turn six.  That he wants to stay five forever.  Some days, I agree with him.


Next up, I’ll be taking a break from posting my five year old’s homework and will be introducing my son as the next rising star of Duke basketball.  I mean…