With all of my blabbing about burnt appendages and Carson’s voracious appetite, I failed to mention the most exciting part of the day. Someone has leased our apartment!! To close on this house when we did, we had to break our lease on the apartment in Garner. The deal was, unless they found another renter, we’d be stuck paying another three months. Not too terrible, but not ideal either. The management had warned us that things weren’t looking too favorable for us, as they were settling into their slow season. Well, today I got word that they had, in fact, filled our apartment. Not only that, but the people moving in are renting it for… get this… just three months. Just another example of God’s extraordinarily perfect timing and provision.

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  1. whew, another great example of how God totally has his hand on your family. It is incredible to watch it unfold. Can’t wait to see the new house!

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