I swear, Carson runs on some sort of mutant super sonic energy power. Or something. He was up at four thirty this morning. I coaxed him into bed with us for another hour, but still. Then, nap time was an epic failure. As he tore up his room during “quiet time”, I thought the walls of the house were going to come down. Alas, he passed out in his doorway for about five little minutes. But for those five short minutes, he looked just so sweet. Sleep or no sleep, I can’t get enough of that boy.
Oh, and this is so typical. On the windowsill right above his head, Carson had lined up his three little treasures. A gumball, a “diamond” rock, and Saturn. I hope he always remains so easily amused.

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  1. So cute! He and Zeke totally could be bff if they got the chance. Naptime looks similar here and our windowsills look the same as well.

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