What do you get when you mix a Type A semi-control freak with a three week hiatus from home?
Why, countless lists for the husband, of course! It’s not that Matt is incompetent or anything, but I felt it necessary to post this “Operation Don’t Starve to Death” list of meals he can heat up for himself while I am away. He will most likely subsist on chips and salsa and Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches anyway, but at least he can’t blame me.

Where am I going, you ask? Well, I am off to Corolla for three weeks. Matt’s joining us for the last week which is a very good thing, since we’ve never been apart this long since we were married. Along with missing my husband (and dog!), I am more than a little nervous about leaving in the midst of trying to sell this house. However, our realtor has instructed me that I absolutely must go and that she would come pack my bags if I did not do so myself. Hopefully, this extended vacation will help me to loosen my death grip of control over this whole selling the house and moving thing.

Thanks to the new wireless internet at the beach house, I fully intend to blog while at the beach. I also fully expect to return in a couple weeks a lot more relaxed, slightly less pale, and obviously with a ton more freckles! Until then, Carson and I will be floating in the pool and wiggling our toes in the sand.


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