…Heather! Way to go Heather for being the first one to correctly identify my Elmo pumpkin. And thanks to the rest of y’all for validating my pumpkin carving abilities (or lack thereof). As your prize, you are hereby awarded with priceless pictures from last night… and hopefully a visit from our ever growing family next time we’re in Midlo. šŸ™‚

Carson had so much fun trick or treating throughout our neighborhood, though he just about sweat to death in the 80 degree humidity. Meanwhile, Mary Grace rocked her Hokie Pumpkin costume in the Bjorn (she wore her VT sleeper and pumpkin hat and bib… maybe next year she’ll get a real costume). Oh, and don’t fret– no infants were hurt in the taking of these pictures. But I’m not gonna lie- it got a little iffy there for a bit.

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  1. I love that Carson can hold Mary Grace. Zeke likes to kiss Ben and he can wave to him, but I think if I tried to get him to hold him, we would end up with trouble

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