Ah, this one.  The one who says she wants to be Fancy Nancy and a princess when she grows up… and who wants to “marry baby Jesus”.
The one who, after her first teeny little hair trim this week, announced to the salon, “Ohhlala! I look so pretty!”  And who, while eating at my friend’s house this afternoon along with about twenty native Spanish speakers, shouted, “Delicioso! That’s what Dora says!”
She’s beyond spunky.  Moves non-stop.  Can throw one heck of a tantrum.   Is super independent.  And still crazy stubborn. Her daily sheets at school consistently describe her as happy, talkative, playful… and most recently, bossy.  Ha.
Though I go to bed bone-tired most nights because of Little Miss Spunk-face, I am so crazy in love with this child.  Awesome style and all. 🙂