Last week, in light of everything that has been breaking, I jokingly asked Matt, “so, I wonder what’s next?” He shrugged and said, “umm probably one of our cars.”

How prophetic.

So yes, Matt’s car started acting up this weekend, and it’s only getting worse. Something about the light that’s blinking and the funny noises it’s making have led Matt and his mechanic to think that his turbo is shot.

Oh, the turbo. I adore my husband, but I have always hated the turbo on his car. I don’t even know what a dang turbo is, but I do know it requires premium gas and super expensive oil changes. Serves you right, turbo- you stink.

When Matt called me with the news, I had a small meltdown. I ranted and raved about his stupid turbo and stupid Subarus and stupid work/school obligations that keep him away from home nights on end. It was not pretty.

My ranting and raving only made me feel a little bit better, so I figured I was due for a small trip to Starbucks. After putting the kids to bed, I went armed with my Bible, journal, and current reading material. As I settled into my seat with my “Calm” Tazo tea, the familiar sound of Starbucks in the background (there is a Starbucks sound. I promise.), I quickly began to relax.

This, like everything else that has been happening, is not the end of the world. Annoying, yes. Worth getting all bent outta shape over? Nope.

The current game plan is to find out the cost of fixing the car. If it’s a ton (which it probably will be), it might just be time to bid sayonara to the Subaru- i.e. the money pit- and buy a super cheap car that will last us a year and a halfish until, Lord willing, we go overseas.

Then again, that’s our game plan. It’s becoming quite obvious that God’s game plan is a bit different from our own.

Nobody ever said letting go was easy…

9 Comments on another one bites the dust (or "I hate Matt’s turbo")

  1. Wow, Mrs. Hogsett, does that make me a liberal??? Who'd have thought?? My mother will now disown me, I guess. Actually I didnt know they don't support the troops… maybe I'll think twice before my next cup of tea there.

  2. i won't go to ukrops any more either, since they have now banned the girl scouts from selling cookies there. welcome to the new america.

  3. It's ok, Ukrops is being sold to the Dutch company that owns foodlion now. The Ukrops we know will be no more shortly.

    We don't have Ukrops up here though, and I must say, I dream about that buffalo chicken dip they sell. Like frequently. 🙂

  4. what! no girl scouts?? that is a great way to support the community-Thanks corporate America..

  5. I don't want to hear about Ukrops hating on the Girl Scouts. I would rather say goodbye to them on a good note. Speaking of which– mom, I really need some rainbow cookies before Ukrops is no longer Ukrops.

  6. ok, i will get them for when you come. it will give me chance to have tourettes moment at the register while i rant and rave about the girl scout situation.

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