So, at present we find ourselves at a sorta fun point in our new adoption wait.  (Now that we’re well over two years into the adoption process, I think my idea of fun has become completely and irreversibly twisted and forever redefined.)  Our home study is complete! and written up!  and has been proofread by moi (because I’m anal like that)!  Next up, we will submit a written request to US Citizenship and Immigration requesting the changes in our adoption request.  Meanwhile, we’re making major headway in gathering the documents needed for our new dossier.  Checking the mail has once again become thrilling to me as transcripts and birth certificates and all sorts of important paperwork roll in.  Ah, deja vu…. but fun.

While I have been overloading my adoption file folder, the other members of our family are just fine and dandy…


Matt has been working his cute little tail off at church.  This summer is packed with camp and VBS and more camp (oh my!).  I’m stressed out for him.  Nothing new there.


Carson continues to be a bit obsessive about the Magic Treehouse series of books.  They’re far from fine literature, but they do have some redeeming qualities.  He’s also still loving his swim lessons.  And the reading lessons we’re doing together. And studying anatomy.  Gotta love the kid.  In fact, I think we’re headed to Richmond in a few weeks, and I’m totally considering taking him to this (thanks Elizabeth).  Seriously…  some might think I’d be crazy to take a four year old to a display of human cadavers, but  think it might just be the highlight of this kid’s life.


Mary Grace… oh, the girl generates so many stories.  Today, she was freaking out over something, and when I asked her what in the heck was wrong, she positioned her little hands on her hips and responded, “You made me so mad, mommy!”  I mean, how do you keep a straight face to that?  I feel like anytime I pick her up from church or school, I am told something along the lines of, “Mary Grace is such a funny kid.”  I’m guessing that’s a good thing…  I do think I’m going to have to put her in gymnastics this fall, as the child won’t stop flipping around our house.  Ironically, my biggest terror is that she will fall in love with the sport and will be doing front layouts on the beam in no time.


And then there’s me.  I did get away for a girl’s weekend at the lake last weekend.  It was glorious.  Though I was unable to sleep past 5:30 am, I did hop in my car to drive 60 seconds down the road to here:

where I spent some time praying here:

I grew up going to this camp from 3rd grade till college, and I still count it one of my favorite places on earth.  Few places or people were as influential in my walk with the Lord as Camp Willow Run.  Why, yes, I did choose to spend a college summer at home with a new boyfriend with whom I was just so enamored (and, thankfully, who would also later become my husband) over a position as a counselor at camp.  And yes, I think he was worth it… most days… (kidding, babe. kidding.)


There ya have it.  A glimpse of us at present.

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  1. Oh CWR…that’s where I became a real believer in Christ! Every summer I always tell my parents how I wish they had let me be a camp counselor there. Instead I got stuck working at River City Diner serving milkshakes.

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