We live a charmed life for sure.  Just days after returning from Corolla, we hopped back into the car for beach trip #2.  Every year, the entire Allison clan descends upon North Myrtle Beach for a week, and we joined in for the last few days of fun.  In a land where pirates visit poolside, 3 year olds can swim with live mermaids (yep.), and lazy rivers lull clingy two year olds to sleep, everyone stayed well-entertained.






In fact, so much fun was had that this is the distraught face that accompanied us on the way back home.  It’s a hard, hard life.


Oh.  And this.  This face, my friends, belongs to the girl who was handed three consecutive Nutrigrain bars within the span of five minutes to calm down her epic get-me-outta-this-carseat-NOW freakout.  It’s called survival, people.  And it worked.  Obviously.


As any parent out there knows, the word “vacation” takes on an entirely new meaning once kids enter the picture.  Particularly young kids.  That said, I was admittedly a bit glad after a few weeks of being on-the-go to settle back into some semblance of normalcy.  It’s been real, beach, but this here Allison posse is on strict vacation detox and will catch ya again next year.  Peace.