Today’s my birthday. I am one small year away from the big 3-0. I think that’s when you become a grown up, right? Anyway, as my kids were being their normal Hot Chelle Rae-lovin’ selves this morning (cue ridiculous video), Matt looked over at me and asked, “so, Catherine, is this how you imagined your life to be at the age of 29?”

My response? No. This is better. So much better.

I am so blessed.

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  1. hope you guys had a fun dinner out! (and you got your shoes) tell carson i like his haircut šŸ™‚

  2. Who would have ever "thunk" it? You certainly have accomplished a lot and matured into a delightful to know: wife, mother, caregiver and christian lady and yet you have been able to retain that certain emotional edginess that is so unique to your personality (good or bad? I don't know but, it's you and we love all of it). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLD GIRL! GrandMa & PawPaw

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