So, bring on oversized bows, smocked dresses, and all things pink and frilly…

She looks perfectly healthy.
She was moving like crazy on ultrasound.
My due date of October 12th looks right on.
And her name will be Mary Grace Allison.

Now, for a quick tutorial on her name (Matt requested this)…

Our daughter will go by “Mary Grace”, not “Mary”. It’s a double name… you know, it’s how they do things in the South. πŸ™‚ No hyphen. Matt plans on nicknaming her “Gracie” but forbids anyone from calling her strictly “Mary”.

As for the origins of her name, my great-grandmother’s name was Mary, and I have the most wonderful memories of her sweet nature (and darn good cooking). And Grace is just classic and, well, downright Biblical (Ephesians 2:8).

We are beyond thrilled to be welcoming a sweet little girl in to this world, and most of all, that she looks healthy.

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  1. she looks like you! i’m already doing online shopping since i’m at the beach and i really don’t want my first granddaughter adorned in Wings teeshirts. i love her already!

  2. ow that i think about it, mary grace my be the one person responsible for pulling the US out of the bad economy. have you seen the pink kitchen set at pb kids????

  3. I am soooo excited that we have another girl in the family! And what a wonderful name-awesome.

  4. ARE WE THRILLED? You bet! A great name and we will honor Matt's wish; but, to be honest, there may be times when I say "gracie" and think " MiMi" (may she be as sweet). Thanks for the remembrance. PawPaw & GrandMa

  5. actually, for the record, “Gracie” is definitely fine! Just no plain “Mary”

    get it straight πŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations! Having a girl is WONDERFUL-especially if you’re a girly girl like me. Hope the rest of this pregnancy treats you well!

  7. congrats!!! i actually had a dream you were having a girl!! I hope you’re feeling better!:)

  8. YEAH!! I am thrilled for you! (and slightly jealous, but I’ll keep it to myself!) :):)

  9. Yay! It’s a girl!! Tell your mom to stay away from the monogram store. That’s my territory! πŸ™‚ So excited to be moving to Durham to play with little Carson and Mary Grace!!

  10. ha, ha, katie, not a chance. i am already investigating all the monogramming opportunities…

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