I woke up yesterday with an extreme case of cabin fever.  The problem is that our current options of kid-friendly outings are somewhat limited at this point. If I were an exemplary adoptive parent, I’d say it’s because we’re still in hardcore nesting mode.  However, in reality, it’s because usually I’m just straight up terrified to take all three kids out by myself.  And it’s just so cold.  I don’t do cold, but out of desperation, we did it yesterday.  Sure, we lasted approximately 14 minutes in the arctic (I live in the south, y’all.  what do you expect?), but the kids got some of their crazies out and all were happy in the end.


 so, this kid turns five tomorrow.  don’t get me started.



 and this kid?  she can’t get enough of this “bunny runny” hat.  yes, she calls “bunny rabbits” “bunny runnys”.  and yes, it’s just about the cutest thing ever.


 and this one?  oh my gosh.  she’s so easy!  decide to go shopping for two hours straight?  no complaints from her.  (shut it.  I know she doesn’t speak English, but stillll.)  take her Congolese self out in the freezing air and keep her restrained in a stroller?  suuure, why not?  and that face?  how will I ever be able to say “no” to that face?


ha! i promise Elizabeth adores her siblings more than it seems here…