Around 9:30am today, we bid farewell to Carson’s trusty sidekick, the Big Blue Booboo. We had prepped Carson extensively about how they would saw his cast off, a la Bob the Builder and Handy Manny. So when the time came, he shed a few obligatory tears and then proclaimed “yay!” when the final tug of the cast freed his leg once and for all.

He is now getting used to walking without the cast and is a sight to see with his dramatic limp. Limp and all, he was glad to get out in the yard to use his new soccer goal. Celebrations continued with a 45 minute bath. I guess the child missed having normal baths, so I let him enjoy the longest bath of his life as he turned into a big, albeit great smelling, prune.

So for now, we will enjoy our little ball of energy as he gets back to normal. And we’ll hold our breaths until the next ER visit… because goodness knows, it’s coming again sometime.

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  1. Now he can really dance and run! I bet you are also relieved to have that cast off, at least you don't have to worry about him walking anymore!

    p.s. Ellie loved the card from Carson, too cute!

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