Some say Mary Grace talks like Boo from Monster’s Inc. Others say she speaks like Jabba the Hutt. We think she sounds German. Her teachers say she’s just downright loud.  And many don’t understand much of what she says at all.  So, at long last, we’re getting her evaluated for the possible need for a little speech therapy this week.  Apparently, no one could understand a darn word I said when I was Mary Grace’s age, so she gets it honestly.  (Dude, I was in speech ’till I was in 1st grade and loved it.  No shame.)  I figured I better capture her little voice on video before it’s potentially adulterated by speech therapy.  Ironically, she will talk to a wall but doesn’t enjoy talking to a camera… so this is the best I could get.

Oh and you want singing?  We’ve got that too.  Just ignore the background screaming…. it just seems to be the soundtrack to my life these days.

2 Comments on capturing the voice… and the song

  1. Miss Mary Grace doesn’t love the video camera????? I’m shocked! Maybe a drama coach is what she needs instead of speech therapy? 🙂

  2. maybe i’m weird. i understood every word she said. not the singing, but the talking. you are going to be glad you captured that on video.

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