The other day, I handed my camera over to Carson to allow him to foster his creativity.  Or to keep his million-questions-a-day self busy for 15 minutes.  Either way, here’s his work…

Me.  If he had zoomed out a bit more, you would have seen a magazine in my lap in a crazy ambitious attempt to actually relax a bit (huh? what’s that?) while the kids played peacefully and independently in the backyard.  Let’s just say the magazine went unread.

Girlfriend looks a bit too comfortable with a gun in her hands.  She loves some watergun action.


Last year, we had a crazy, outta control, more-weeds-than-vegetable garden.  This year, we have this.  Thank the good Lord for a good produce section in the local grocery store.


Carson’s keeping me humble by photographing my phone.  All of my friends get quite a kick out of this here phone of mine.  Yes, they still make these.  And yes, I happen to like it just fine.


Carson got a little crazy with the self-portraits.  Not sure what setting he used here, but is he not the cutest little thing ever?


Okaaay, kid… don’t stress yourself out so much over the self-portraits.


Watch out… Carson’s really getting crazy now…