It’s never a good thing when the children’s minister of your church is waiting for you at the front doors of the Kids Life building with a panicked look on his face. Despite the desperate text messages that were being sent to Matt’s phone and the search team that was sent to look for us within the huge church service we were attending, Matt and I were completely oblivious to our child’s unfortunate Sunday School experience this morning.

So, from what I gather, here’s what went down…
Carson was in his class all settled at the table for snacktime, i.e. time for Carson to eat as many Goldfish and Nilla Wafers as he wants because the church nursery workers cannot bear to tell him “no”. How this next part happened, no one seems to know, but somehow Carson fanagled his finger into a small hole under the table and managed to get it completely stuck in the hole. Well, he started to freak out big time, and when the poor nursery worker realized she couldn’t get it out either, I’m sure she freaked too. Finally, through some divine act of God, someone somehow managed to work his chubby little finger out of the hole, which unfortunately happened to rip some of Carson’s skin off in the process.

I suppose this is the part that prompted the children’s pastor to report that “Carson lost a lot of blood today.” In fact, quite a few concerned nursery workers mentioned that he is “quite a bleeder.” I found the poor guy- smeared blood on his cheeks and all- sound asleep with a Nilla wafer oozing out of his mouth in the lap of an exhausted volunteer still holding pressure to his Strawberry Shortcake bandaid.

After the longest nap of his life this afternoon, I am delighted to report that Carson has made a complete recovery and is even too tough for the cool new Go Diego Go bandaids I rushed out to get for him. I also fully intend on making the traumatized nursery volunteers a big batch of cookies next week to thank them for their heroic efforts… and for keeping my wild child far, far away from any small crevices or holes from now on.