Typically, ice storms ruin everyone’s plans. This week, however, it was a gift from God.  You see, Tuesday was a little icy.  It was also Elizabeth’s birthday.  So, when my office manager contacted me early Tuesday morning with the option of staying home rather than braving the ice, I gladly chose a day with the birthday girl.

(Interestingly, the same sorta thing happened on Carson’s first birthday.  I was a wreck about having to work on his first birthday, but LO AND BEHOLD we mysteriously lost power to our office that day, forcing us to close up shop.  It has never happened since.  God’s got my back.)


Celebrating Elizabeth was so fun this week.  She just soaked it all in.  Enjoyed every little moment.  Loved every single gift…


…and every single card.  This [blurry] sisterly embrace?  It’s because Mary Grace gave her a card.  She gasped “thank you, Mary Grace!” when she opened it.  Picture the same scene when Carson handed her a box of fruit snacks.  Utter joy.


As I said, joy.


We started the day off with this.

IMG_6076 And, per Elizabeth’s request, this was her birthday lunch.  For months, she’s been asking for “Elmo cereal for my birfday!”, and we gladly delivered.  Could she BE any easier to please??


And clearly no little girl’s birthday this year is complete without Frozen paraphernalia.

IMG_6110Gosh, this kid…

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  1. The photo of Mary Grace, Matt, Elizabeth and Carson is AMAZING! The look on Elizabeth’s face is priceless!

    Would you believe I found the “Happy Birthday” banner at my Target this weekend? Crazy!

    • Oh I’m so glad!! I actually bought an equally cute “Happy Easter” banner at Target last night. Because… I mean, I needed it??

  2. Love this and can’t believe she is 3!!! Thought you would get a kick out of this, when I was in Disney–we got in for free cause we know someone that works there–and she said that the line for the frozen princess Anna has been consistently at like 5-6 hour long wait. I could not believe anyone would pay $100+ per person to get in just to wait and get Princess Anna’s signature!!

    • So I’ve heard rumors of that, Laura, and it blows my mind!! We’re hoping to get to Disney next year and I’m crossing my fingers that the Frozen mania calms down by then… because there is NO way I’ll wait 5-6 hours for them!

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