Last night on the drive back to North Carolina, I told Matt that we needed a t-shirt saying “I survived Christmas 2009”. There’s nothing like being home and seeing family, but let me tell you… Christmas can be exhausting! The exhaustion was well worth it, though. Christmas 2009 was certainly one to remember, as portrayed by these pictures.After we refused her pleas year after year, my family finally agreed to fulfill my mother’s lifelong dream of renting a 15 passenger van and doing tacky light tour throughout Richmond. Lo and behold, we all had a good time… especially Carson!

The Bakers gave Mary Grace her first pearl bracelet. That makes me so.very.happy.
Five generations of womenJust call Colin the toddler whispererThis could have made an excellent family picture, but Carson was quietly watching TV at the time, and we weren’t about to mess with a good thing.Carson the music maestro. I’m not lying- the kid could play piano!
The debris of Christmas morningMary Grace loves her uncle DanielChristmas #3 at Anmama’sMary Grace sleeping through her first Christmas.
Carson’s cast with his new train set. Like I said… this Christmas will not be soon forgotten.