Believe it or not, this was our first year spending Christmas morning at home in North Carolina.  It was so wonderful and relaxing… until Mary Grace vomited into my hands at the breakfast table.  We think it was her moment of gluttony on Christmas Eve that caused this moment of excitement, as she was full throttle again 5 minutes later.  That Mary Grace does always love to add some thrill to life…

In short, Carson was thrilled to spend the entire morning building one of his new Lego sets, Mary Grace only cared about her coloring book and gummy bears, and Elizabeth was probably completely overwhelmed by the chaos.  Matt and I sat back and marveled that this is our life.  We are so blessed.


Not exactly the Christmas morning picture I had envisioned… Mary Grace in tears, Elizabeth shell shocked, and Carson in a happy state of oblivion.  Love it.

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  1. That picture of Elizabeth holding and hugging the baby doll…it’s just precious! Hope you all had a wonderful first Christmas all together! 🙂

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