(I may or may not be on a 90’s music kick, hence the title.  Deal with it.)

Summer is in full swing around here, and we have officially traded evenings at the ballfield for hours at the pool.  (And perhaps a little extra screen time.  Let’s be real.)

Soccer was the first to wrap up…

IMG_7284Mary Grace had a great season out there.  She was about a head shorter than the rest of the kids, many of whom were a year or two older than her, but the girl hustled.  Unfortunately, I fear her soccer days have come to an end.  She’s hanging up her cleats in exchange for a leotard.IMG_6464

Oh yes, she’s been begging to start gymnastics, and we decided to give it a go this fall.  Although she has this teeny little gymnast body and her ponytails are just begging for the requisite gymnast scrunchies, I’m a little terrified that she’s going to love it/be really good at it… which is probably a horrendous thing for a mother to admit.  Meanwhile, my parents are all “oh yeaah! payback time!” as they reflect on countless hours spent at smelly gyms and impossibly long meets for me.

IMG_7435Then there’s tball.  I’ve already voiced my feelings about tball.  Carson couldn’t be any cuter out there.  I mean, look at him.  But you guys- every kid swings until they hit.  Every kid runs.  Every kid makes it to base.  Every kid scores.  Every.single.inning.  Sweet goodness, it gets a bit tedious after a while.  But Carson loved it again this season, and we’re all even more excited about coach pitch starting next year.IMG_7624Hands down, the favorite “extra curricular” of the spring was speech.  I’m not even kidding.  Mary Grace has looked forward to her weekly 30 minute speech therapy session more than any other aspect of her week.  And the best part?  At present, the primary goal of her speech therapy is voice regulation.   You guys, let me break this down for you a bit.  My child has an IEP and receives weekly services because she’s TOO LOUD.  Loud and fast.  Shocker. The entire experience has been nothing but hilarious to me.

Thumbs down as MG left her last speech session.

Finally, this one deserves a shout out for the hours she’s logged cheering for her siblings on the sidelines.  She’s awesome.  Every night, her prayers sound about the same: “God, thank you for mommy and daddy and Carson and Mary Grace.  Thank you for all ‘a dem.  And thank you that I’m a ballerina.  Amen.” IMG_7578You’ll be the most beautiful ballerina ever, baby girl.  But this summer, mama needs a break.