Well, that title is not entirely accurate because I know exactly where Mary Grace is… taking up my entire upper torso from my bladder to my rib cage. She’s quite the mover and shaker, and I’m getting even more ready for her to move and shake it right on out of my uterus! Yesterday, I hit the 37 week mark meaning that our little girl is officially full term! She’s good to go now and has my permission to come out whenever she wants. Realistically speaking, though, I am pretty certain that she’ll make her debut sometime after 40 weeks like her big brother. We shall see, though.

In the meantime, I am trying to get over a nasty cold while keeping the rest of my household healthy. Congestion and a rainy day won’t stand in the way of my nesting, though. Carson and I have big plans today: cleaning out the freezers, making and freezing a few batches of pizza dough/pizza sauce/spaghetti sauce, and hitting up our favorite latino grocery store. And on that note, I should probably get Carson out of his beloved truck pajamas… wish me luck!

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