1. I allowed my son to carry around a pink boa the other day as I ran all of my errands. He insisted and I didn’t feel like fighting. I kept thinking, “Matt would flip his lid if he knew his son was out like this,” but whatever. My boy is just that secure in his manhood, I guess.
2. I bought a precious smocked dress at a thrift store this week. It was cheap, beautiful, and I just could not bare to pass it up. Even if Gargini is not a girl, I will find someone to wear this. Blame it on my Sunday wardrobe for years growing up, but I have a major weakness for anything smocked. In fact, stay posted for Carson’s Easter pictures… Matt insists he looks like a girl in the outfit he’ll be wearing, but I don’t care.

Anyway, now that I have gotten that off my chest, I realize that my blog has been light on pictures recently, but have no fear- my camera is always nearby!

Who woulda thought that Carson would LOVE lentils?? Like mom, like son, I guess.
And here is the aftermath of Carson’s Mexican-Italian dinner he ate last night bibless. Matt thought it was funny that it was my turn to bathe him, and encouraged him to cover himself in nastiness.

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  1. and would that be a pink boa left over from one of the various weddings worn by one of the very hip girlfriends of your mother’s?

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