If Matt and I yawn a little extra today or if our eyes look particularly glazed over this morning, it’s because of this little booger…
If you can’t tell by this picture, Carson’s back and neck are completely arched into a very uncomfortable looking position. But do not fear- he is very vocal about his level of discomfort, as he shrieked at least once or twice every hour last night (and the night before… and every naptime in between) for parental assistance in straightening his little body out. Why he has been doing this for the past several days, I do not know. He even goes to sleep tightly swaddled, but our little Houdini manages to escape every time.

We’re crossing our fingers that he snaps out of his acrobatic phase really soon, but in the meantime, I might just be enjoying an extra cup of coffee this morning. Oh yeah, and suggestions are MORE than welcome!!

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  1. Hi, Catherine! It’s Libby’s friend, Amelia. Carson is darling! We put Michael in an inclined sleep positioner wrapped super tightly in a Kiddopotamus swaddle me blanket (the other brand is no good). The little guy can’t move at all! Maybe one or both might help your little gymnast.

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