“D” week was a wild success for Carson. He has recently become enamored with dinosaurs, so I ran with that as the theme of the week. As the last hoorah of “D” week, we paid a visit to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences to see the dinosaur exhibits. This was a huge hit for both of the kiddos. Carson walked around the museum gasping “whoaaa” at every turn, and Mary Grace tried her best to claw through the rattlesnake cage. Fabulous.

In other educational news, we all love Sid the Science Kid around here. As far as children’s programming goes, this one wins for me in both the amusement and educational department. Here, we see Carson trying his hand at defining inertia (as learned from Sid himself). I love how he exclaims, “That’s what inertia is, mom!” Umm who are you and what did you do with my baby??