Apparently my last post caused a couple of my other sensitive friends out there to fret over my well being and stress levels. Well, fret not. I am okay. Really. Chloe has snapped out of her weird “I am terrified of Matt so I will poop in the dining room” phase, Carson has been an angel (I’m trying to get a picture of one of his big goofy grins but no luck yet), and I have conquered 312 pages of my review book in the past day and a half. I would like to note that if Carson turns out to gravitate towards the field of pediatrics in the future, I am to blame. Knowing that verbal development begins as early as infancy, I have been studying aloud as Carson listens on (at least I would like to think that he’s listening). Call me a dork, but the kid probably knows more about pityriasis rosea and Borrelia burgdorferi than you. šŸ™‚

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