As I forced my husband and son outside to take pictures in the 47 degree chilliness this morning, I had major flashbacks of Easter morning pictures with the Seward clan as a child. As we were running late for church already today, I was pleased to get even a few decent shots. Suffice it to say, my son was dressed like a sweet little southern boy ought to be. 🙂Carson was enamored with this cheesy Elmo Easter basket I found.

Carson is turning out to be a very affectionate little boy. Is this not the sweetest thing ever?Worn out from the excitement of the morning with the balloon he somehow managed to steal from church.

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  1. he does look cute–& i'm glad you know better than to put him in dorky white shoes like "real" southern boys wear. glad church wasn't as dramatic/tramautic as last week… i'm guessing there was no zoo yesterday? since no pictures?

  2. sorry but i do love the little white shoes!!!! my boys wore them and they turned out all right…well….let me rethink that!

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