The setting: The kitchen. Post-dinner.

The weapon: A hard elbow

The victim: Me

Last night, after dinner, Matt and I were huddled over Carson being the admiring and obsessive parents that we are. Well, the picturesque scene was quickly interrupted when my loving husband (inadvertently… I think) threw a hard elbow to my left eye. My first reaction was to fall to the floor, laughing and crying at the same time. Sure enough, our fun-loving Chloe, always looking for an opportunity to wrestle and play, promptly arrived on the scene with her wet tongue and slobber. And right on cue, Carson decides he would start wailing as well. Meanwhile, Matt is flushed, desperately plotting how he might explain the fact that he has given his innocent wife a black eye.

Thankfully, the frozen veggies leftover from last night’s chicken pot pie served as an excellent icepack, preventing that black eye from forming. Matt, you lucked out this time.

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