• is a few weeks into his final semester of seminary! I think a paper chain countdown is in order. I’m not sure what married life is like without school, but I’m stoked to find out.
  • took a flight lesson last week (thank you Groupon for giving me the idea for what he has deemed the best birthday present ever). Yes, he was in one of those teeny tiny little planes. And no, by some act of God, I was not nervous. However, now that he apparently has set his sights on becoming a pilot, I’m starting to have second thoughts on this gift idea.


  • just checked out a book on the Montessori approach to preschool. I know, right? I promise I haven’t gone off the deep end. This time of year just happens to fill me up with all sorts of homeschooley feelings, and I find something intriguing about Montessori.
  • maybe has gone off the deep end in that I have been sucked into the train wreck that is Dance Moms. Haven’t seen this gem on Lifetime? Don’t. Okay, you can stop judging me now.


  • is back at 100% now. Thank God.
  • loves school! He came home yesterday with the following account, nearly verbatim: “I did one bad thing all day long, mama. I followed a girl around and around even though she told me to stop following her around. But I just kept following her around because it was fun. And then the teacher told me to stop.” Matt and I had to stifle our laughter with that one. Why must my three year old already be mackin’ on the ladies? (Do people in the 21st century use the work “mack” anymore? Not sure.)

Mary Grace

  • Also loves school… I think. I’ll probe and probe, but the only reports she will give me about her school days revolve around baby dolls. So, I suppose in Mary Grace’s world, that’s a good thing.
  • is on this strange broccoli kick this week. She has killed an entire head of broccoli in several days. I’m thinking this is more about the ranch she uses as a dip than the broccoli itself. Regardless, I’m going with it.
  • turns TWO in a few weeks. I can’t handle this.

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  1. I have been sucked into Dance Moms, it is CRAZY! and I don't judge you if you don't judge me haha! glad you all are doing well!

  2. 1. Yay Matt!
    2. Montessori is so flipping cool in some places. Some of the schools are whack (did I just say that?!) But I loved studying it when in school
    3. PTL that Carson feels better
    4. Really? Let's not talk about the upcoming bdays, stop it now!

  3. hey there! i'm a friend of heather asimos', and i can throughly vouch for how amazingly awesome montessori is. πŸ™‚ my oldest has been doing it for about 2 years now, and i've done some with my youngest as well. it's a great program to do at home, and it's really inexpensive… many of the materials can be made with things you already have around the house. my oldest actually goes to montessori school mwf, so it's nice to be able to bridge the gap. read up… it's really intriguing stuff! not to be nosey. πŸ™‚

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