Carson has been into his feelings recently. He’s quite the passionate little guy, so recently I have been teaching him to identify his feelings in the midst of the highs and lows of his little toddler life. He’ll let me know when he’s sad and when he’s happy… but when he’s mad, he will still just throw himself on the floor and scream in the most dramatic way possible.

So, in celebration of feelings and emotions of all types, here are mine at present:

  • Thankfulness for Chick-fil-a. Their food is always yummy and they were playing “The Wonderful Cross” while we were dining there this evening. Can’t get much better.
  • Apprehension. It’s Saturday night which means Sunday morning is upon us, and Sundays have been really rough for us lately. Carson has always had separation issues at church, but recently he has been having a particularly rough time in his class. I’m hearing rumors of him hitting, pushing, and telling the teachers “no”. Scratch that- these aren’t just rumors. Carson has confirmed them himself. So, for the next few weeks, I will be in his class as his personal monitor and disciplinarian.
  • Embarrassment that I bought two new shirts from the little girl’s section of Target tonight… for myself… and that I was so excited to do so. Seriously, their new Liberty of London brand is super cute!!
  • Relief that Mary Grace is finally sleeping through the night! As in 7:30pm till 7isham. BLISSSSSS!
  • Stress. March Madness stresses me out. Always has. I think my competitive nature comes out as I check on my bracket daily. West Virginia is playing now, and for the sake of my bracket, I need them to win. If they lose, I might boycott this whole thing once and for all.
  • Content, knowing that in T-20 seconds, I am clicking “publish post” and will be making a beeline straight to the couch to snuggle up to my fabulous husband as we spend another Saturday night watching basketball/catching up on magazines.

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  1. Alright, I gotta couple of SHUT UPS!!! But like out of excitement not like I don't want you to talk. So in bullet form:
    *Zeke has been talking about feelings too, he only uses happy though…
    *totally get Pre-Sunday apprehension
    *I love buying shirts from targets kid section for myself, currently wearing one as I type this
    *Here's the big shut up: NO WAY MG is sleeping, ugh!!!!! Ben's back to wanting to hang out at all hours

    I saw Mary Grace today for about .2 seconds today but really wanna see you, maybe next week with all the Easter services…

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