I feel this thing happening around me.  I’ve felt it, heard it, seen it for a while, and it seems as though it’s now reaching fever pitch.

Women.  Hungry.  For more.  For God.

Women tired of living in their bubbles of isolation.  Exhausted from keeping up with the front they post on their Instagram feed.  Desperate to be known.

Women who are owning and using their God-given gifts even when it seems a heck of a lot safer- and certainly a whole lot easier- to diminish them or sweep them under the rug.

Women doing their things and doing them well.  Homeschooling.  Number-crunching.  Advocating.  Litigating.  Worship-leading.  Discipling.  Teaching.  Endless-bedtime-stories-reading.

Our roles are many, and our giftings and talents span far and wide.  That’s the beauty of the body of Christ, my friends.  We can’t do it all ourselves, nor are we supposed to try.  We do our thing, and we do it well.  And as we do so, we begin to see glimpses of the fullness of God’s greatness.  I get all jittery with excitement just thinking about this.  (Or maybe that’s the third cup of coffee I’ve already polished off this morning.  God has gifted me in some areas.  Moderation in coffee consumption is not one of them.)

Here’s the thing, though.  Satan would love nothing more than to see this fervor fizzle out.  To crush us with fear and comparison and exhaustion.  To watch as we try to satisfy our thirst for God with anything but.

We can be all “rah rah rah” about ministry- whatever our ministry looks like in this season- but that fiery passion we feel will be extinguished in no time at all if we’re not grounding ourselves in truth.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Satan lies.  He is the father of lies.  It’s what he does and who he is.  And the only sure-fire antidote to Satan’s deception is God’s truth.

If we’re going to lead- in the home, workplace, church, or community- we’re putting ourselves in a frighteningly precarious spot if we’re not saturating ourselves with His truth.  If we’re not in His word.  Like, a lot.

Y’all, as we seek His ways, let’s not give up on seeking His face.  May we not get so caught up in what we’re doing for God that we forget who God is.  Because not only is He the reason for which we do all the things we do, but He’s the source of all that’s necessary to do these things well.

So, in light of that, let’s be women who flat out refuse to be defined by our successes or failures.  Women who say with confidence that WHAT we do is not WHO we are.  Women who, yes, are passionate.  Women who create and dream and do.  But women who dream all the things and do all the things with a firm foundational knowledge of who our God is.  Faithful.  Able.  Loving.  Just.  Full of mercy.  Overflowing with grace.

Our Help when things seem impossible.

Our Sustainer when we get tired.  So. very. tired.

Our Rescuer because we are utterly lost and broken without Him.

And then, from that, we carry on.  Doing the things.  Loving the people.  Rooted in truth.  Fueled by His astounding love.

Y’all ready?  Because I’m pumped.

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