This morning, one of Matt’s coworkers lifted up our CIS clearance in staff prayer. Just minutes later, this is the email I received from our officer…

I finished your case on Saturday. It still had to go through supervisory review and the process to get it in the mail but I think you should get it sometime this week.”

Are you kidding? While our prayers may not always be answered in the ways we want them to be, I think that God gets a kick out of doing things like this.

So what’s next? We receive our I171-H (the letter stating we’re cleared to bring an orphan to the US) and promptly have it notarized. Then, we’ll drive it to the authentication office of the NC Secretary of State where it will be authenticated by the next day. From there, we’ll overnight it to Kate in New York who is preparing our dossier. Then she’ll send the whole shebang to the Rwandan Embassy in D.C. where it will be authenticated once again. Finally, it’s off to Rwanda!!

Matt better hope that this letter doesn’t arrive when I’m at home because I really think I might be compelled to kiss the mailman or something. Yikes.

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