This morning, we drove up to Durham for our USCIS biometrics (fingerprinting) appointment. This was really pretty thrilling for me, in an extraordinarily dorky sort of way… and so easy! We were in and out in twenty minutes. Two noteworthy things from this experience:

1. As we were checking in, we were asked to hold our palms up for the checkerinner man to see. Due to the super important governmental nature of this appointment, I probably should have just kept my mouth shut and carried on with things, but curiosity always kills me, and I just had to sweetly ask “why?”. I was sorta hoping he’d respond, “Well, ma’am, we’re looking for contraband of course.” But alas, he only was ensuring we didn’t have any cuts or wounds on our soon-to-be-fingerprinted hands. Bor-ing.

2. I was not about to leave that place without getting some sort of idea of how long to expect processing to take. The guy I spoke with seems to think our CIS clearance should arrive in about a month, after which our dossier should be off to Rwanda!!

Enjoy this shot of me posing with our appointment papers in front of the USCIS building. Matt agreed to this only if the picture was taken after our fingerprinting. I think he was fearful that if anyone inside witnessed my nerdiness, they would promptly blacklist us once and for all.

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