It’s been an eventful few weeks, and we’ve experienced quite a few firsts…

1. Mary Grace’s first lost tooth.



For weeks, there was incessant chatter about her wiggly tooth.  Ever an entrepreneur and desperate for enough cash to buy the latest Skylanders trap, Mary Grace was considering this whole tooth-shedding deal her newest business venture.  As such, she enlisted all the help she could get from any willing tooth-wiggler she could find.  And I sat back and let it happen because MOVING.  (This will be my excuse for everything for the next five years.  Just so you know.)


2. First bunkbeds.

The girls, for the first time ever, are sharing a room.  In bunk beds.  Prior to moving, I had received many words of warning regarding this bunk bed decision.  “Don’t you dare!  They will fall out and be marred for life!”  “They’ll never sleep again!”  Meanwhile, others encouraged me, saying it was no big deal for their kids.  THANK YOU JESUS, my girls fell into the “no big deal” camp.  Because I like my sleep.  And I like their sleep.  And lo and freakin behold, they are sleeping better now than they ever have.  Bunk beds for the win!  (And if you think that I’m crazy enough to risk waking them up for a picture of two sisters sweetly sleeping in their new beds, you are just so wrong.)

3. First training-wheel-less bike ride.


A childhood rite of passage- the removal of training wheels- went down yesterday.  And aside from some bloodied knees and scraped elbows, it was a success.

So, let’s review.  In the past two weeks, this kid has lost her first tooth, learned to ride a two-wheeled bike, and OH YEAH, has attended kindergarten orientation.  The days are long, but the years are for REAL ridiculously short.




4. First snake bite.

GROSS.  Our goofball dog loves to romp around in our new woods like she’s one with the wildlife.  Nevermind the fact that her genetically modified breed can hardly survive in a grassy backyard on a breezy summer day.  Either way, she learned her lesson (or not. she’s not all that bright.) when she was bitten in the face by a snake last week.  Again, GROSS.

This led to some, uh, lively marital discussions.  Matt was all, “Eh, whatever.  She’s a dog.  She’ll be fine.  Don’t worry about the vet.”  And then he started throwing around phrases like “risk analysis” in his case against taking our snake-bitten much-loved pet to the doctor.  God bless the man, but let’s just say my reaction was VERY DIFFERENT.

Needless to say, we went to the vet.  And me and Matt?  Oh, we’re fine.  You know, now that I’ve apologized for my “harsh tone” and he knows that the words “risk analysis” are never to be used again when in reference to (a) snakes or (b) Lucy.


5. First (and probably last) time my seven year old thought, “Dude, mom might actually be cool.”

Prior to our move, we introduced Carson to Super Mario World.  This served several purposes.  Naturally, we felt a growing burden to introduce our firstborn to the finest in video game history.  We had no choice- it was our parental duty. We take this parenting thing seriously, people.

Also, self-care.  Because a girl can’t pack all day long.  This is how it went down: Carson would play and get stuck on a level.  I would swoop in, wipe away his tears, and promise to beat the level while he was in school.  I mean, I do what I can for my children.  SACRIFICIAL LOVE. The moment we were home from morning carpool, I’d run in the door, kick the moving boxes to the side, and settle in to crush some Koopa tail.  In afternoon carpool, Carson would make a mad dash to the car to hear the rundown, I’d show him the pictures of defeated castles and ghost houses, and he’d whoop, cheer, and lavish me with praises.

Whatever.  Being a mom is a thankless job.  I take what I can get.