My mom recently came across this picture of me circa 1986. Stethoscope around my neck and baby in the grocery cart, we laughed at how much this foreshadowed what was to come.Sidenote…
I must say- as I stare at this picture of my three year old self, I am struck by how calm everything looks. It appears as if I’m having myself a quiet little day of doll and doctor (ahem, nurse practitioner) playing. The apparent tranquility in this photo pretty much is the antithesis of my life at present. Let’s just say that the difference in preschool-aged boys and girls is wildly evident. So, mom and dad, you’re welcome for being such a piece of cake to raise (insert huge amounts of sarcasm here). 🙂

2 Comments on foreshadowing?

  1. actually, you were a breeze to raise.( other than the incessant crying for the first two years of life, that is..) and, my apologies that i had the nerve not to have a BOW in your hair during a photo op. horrors!

  2. i take it back. when i look at the picture just right, i do think i see something pink on the side of your head. whew!

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