One week ago today, I was once again brought to the realization that we live in a fallen world, and Richmond, VA just so happens to be the hub of much “fallen-ness” (that’s a word, I swear). Last Friday afternoon, Matt, Carson, and I were sprawled out on the bed flipping through the channels, trying to wind down after a busy week, and we stalled on the NBC12 evening news to catch up on the headlines. Well, all attempts to wind down promptly halted as I heard the news anchors mention that it was Fugitive Friday, after which mugshots of menacing looking Richmonders flashed up on the screen. Matt and I just looked at each other and laughed- somehow we found the fact that we live in a city in which there is a need to have such a thing as Fugitive Friday oddly amusing. Not only did Richmond have the highest gonorrhea rates of all US cities several years ago (sorry but it’s true), but now my pride in my hometown continued to falter with the realization that there are such high numbers of fugitives on the loose. No, really- I do love Richmond, but I do think I will double (and triple) check that our doors are locked before my head hits the pillow tonight. Happy Fugitive Friday everyone!!