As I have mentioned a time or two before, Mary Grace is an all-or-nothing kind of kid. There’s really no telling what’s going to turn her on (or off) from day to day. This week was the Week of the Bible. She insisted on carrying my little Bible around with her on errands. To library storytime. Everywhere. And she would read it with the kind of confident authority that characterizes Mary Grace so well.  Here’s just a snippet of what I’ve been hearing all. week. long.


“At first, God died. But then He rose again! Because He loves you! All the people who love you.. but God? He love you a million a zillion. But first He didn’t love you because He died on the cross. [PAUSE. Alright, so I never said she was 100% theologically accurate. God has always loved us. Okay, carry on…]  Yeah, He loved everybody even if you do bad things.  He throws the bad things into the river and sinks them to the bottom of the sea. He sinks them because He loves you. God loves you, ya know? Chapter 35 says that everybody needs you.”