Question: What percentage of employees truly enjoy their job?

Answer: I have no idea, but I doubt it’s a high number.

Truth: I am one of the few who actually loves her job, and I count myself so, so blessed to be able to say that. It has officially been one year since I began my first PNP job in Smithfield, and I have loved it from day one. I love my coworkers. I love my patients. I love my flexible schedule (especially now that I’m down to only two days a week). I just love doing what I do there. Every morning that I drive to work, I pray not only that God would give me wisdom (because Lord knows, I need plenty of that!) but also that I would be His hands and feet through the care I provide and the words I say. Though I am allotted a measly ten minute time slot per patient, it has been remarkable to see how God has answered those prayers over this past year.

I will not lie, though. I was never thrilled about leaving Carson behind to work. I was always under the impression that “good moms” stay home 24/7 with their children. Mom guilt still sets in from time to time which, frankly, is ridiculous since 99% of the time, Matt is able to stay home with Carson while I work. In this day and age, very few kids get the chance to spend as much quality time with their fathers as Carson does, and we consider that another awesome way God has provided for us over the past year.

Sure, I have my bad days and occasionally see some less-than-pleasant patients, but I cannot escape the fact that I am 100% convinced that this is precisely where God wants me right now. And with that in the back of my mind, how could I possibly hate my job?