There’s just something about living in an area that boasts of their annual Ham and Yam Festival that brings me great pleasure. Charlottesville may have their wineries, and Richmond has Arts in the Park, but folks, Smithfield, NC sure does have some impressive hogs and taters.

When I heard about this festival earlier in the week, I got pretty excited. I feel like this region revolves around their festivals, and their festivals always revolve around pigs (this year’s theme was “Gettin’ Piggy With It). Sure enough, the festivities did not disappoint this morning. Everyone in eastern North Carolina must have been there, though sadly enough we had to pass up the barbecue plates prepared by the Youth Agricultural Society. Highlights for Carson were the petting zoo (until we had to fish the carrot out of his mouth that was intended to be given to a goat) and his new balloon (anytime he sees a balloon when we’re out, he shrieks… it really is quite inconvenient). Next year we’re hoping he’ll be big anough for the pony rides… and believe me, we will be back!

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  1. Aww, I haven't been to the Ham & Yam fest since my husband and I were dating (we've been married almost 10 if thats any indication). My inlaws live in Selma, so maybe we'll get back one day!

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