So, I think last night’s full moon just might have done the trick! I’ve been having strong, painful contractions since 2am (very reminiscent of labor with Carson), so I’m pretty darn sure this is it. Our fabulous friend from church is on her way over here now to watch Carson until my parents arrive, and meanwhile I’m savoring a diet Pepsi hoping the caffeine will give me some much needed energy. Let’s just hope they don’t send me home this morning, otherwise I’m going to put up a fight. šŸ™‚ We’ll keep y’all posted!

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  1. I love you. Because of a lot of things. But also because while you're in labor, you update your facebook status and your mommy-blog so we all know exactly what is going on. Call me if you need anything!

  2. I told Lilly Kate her friend Mary Grace was coming and she squealed! We are so excited šŸ™‚

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