So, as we all know, it’s been nearly two years since we began our adoption journey. I promise I won’t bemoan this fact any more than I already have, but I will whine just a wee bit about the fact that we had to do an update on our home study. Which culminated in another visit by our social worker yesterday. Which cost a large chunk of change. Because home studies must be updated every two years. And our adoption is taking way longer than we originally anticipated. Okay, the whining is over.

Really, this was a bigger deal in my mind than anything. As we all do (and by “we”, I am referring to the unique breed that is The Adoptive Parent), I went crazy cleaning every nook and cranny in our home and doing some last-minute child proofing. There may have been some mild bribery of our kids as well, as I was completely and utterly terrified that they would look like crazy, undisciplined hooligans while our social worker was here.

In reality, the visit was short and sweet. Our social worker (who we really, really like) was in and out of here in about an hour, and she didn’t even get a chance to marvel at how spotless the rest of our home was as she was content to remain in our living room. The kids behaved as well as can be expected. Overall, it was a pretty pleasant experience… but I’m quite glad to have that behind us.

Our social worker told us that, in all of her years experience, she has never had to return for a second home study update. I really, really hope we don’t break this trend.

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  1. I agree, doing the second homestudy is NO fun and I hate that the social worker never fully appreciates the cleaned closets, baseboards and other hard-to-notice efforts. Hoping you get your referral soon, friend!

  2. Yay!! And on the bright side – you've probably discovered those sweet little kiddos' hiding spaces for the candy corn they smuggled from the pantry in October!

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