For all of you praying people out there, we would love your prayers over the coming weeks!

  • For Elizabeth as she is placed in the arms of strangers who look different, talk different, and act different… and is then expected to attach to us.  Pray for  her heart in this transition and for the attachment/bonding process to be natural and easy.  Pray for the coming few weeks of one on one time to be a sweet time with her.
  • For safety in travels and throughout our time in DRC.
  • For health… because I ain’t trying to have any of us end up in a Congolese hospital.  For protection against malaria, typhoid, parasites, and all other kinds of things that can be picked up over there.
  • For our paperwork to be processed quickly and easily.  Our interview at the US Embassy in Kinshasa is on Wednesday, November 14th… and after that, it’s a waiting game.  Specifically, we’ll be waiting first for Elizabeth’s visa to be issued by the US government and will then be awaiting clearance from the Congolese government for her to leave the country (aka the “DGM letter”).  Praypraypray that the government officials would surprise us by how quickly they issue these!
  • And lastly (but certainly most importantly), pray for God to fill us with His strength and peace.  For His presence to go before us and behind us and with us.  And- our prayer from the very beginning- that His name would be made great through Elizabeth’s story.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for your prayers over the past few years of this process.  So many of you have walked alongside us, praying for us and encouraging us, through every bump and twist and victory along the way.  Thank you for not giving up your praying just yet!  Because things are about to get real, guys!