Seriously. So I agreed a couple weeks ago to allow Matt to take Carson down to the Allison vacation extravaganza down in Myrtle Beach… while I stayed behind to work. There are two problems with this:
1. I am staying behind to work and therefore missing out on the lazy river, sand between my toes, and family fun.
2. I have never been away from Carson for more than 24 hours.

Number two is really the bigger of the two problems as evidenced by the smudged mascara on my face right now.

Matt and Carson just hit the road a little while ago for the beach and I lost it. Actually, I lost it about an hour before they left and cried even more when sweet little Carson came up to me to give me a big hug.

Is this as pitiful as I think? I mean, they’ll be back Wednesday. And he’ll be surrounded by tons of doting Allisons. And Matt has agreed to my countless stipulations (no playing with the GPS while driving, no pulling Carson in the waves, answer my frantic calls… nothing too utterly ridiculous). Everyone swears to me that I’ll get over this and will be dying for a break when baby #2 comes along, but for now the house just seems way too quiet. And clean.

So for the next three days, it’s just me and the girls (and by girls I mean my dog and my baby in utero). And for all of you Allisons- if you’re reading this- smother Carson with kisses for me. Oh, and I guess you could give Matt a hug too if you want. 🙂

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  1. yep, i know exactly what you mean. and you thought i was crazy when you went to kenya. ah, the joys and perils of motherhood. don't worry,, carcar will have a great time floating down the lazy river and getting spoiled by fred and faye. life is good.

  2. Catherine! I will be praying for you this week. Spence and I are going to be leaving Zeke in a couple weeks for our anniversary (5 years), it will be my first time away from him ever and we are going to be gone for 3 nights, I am already freaking out a little so NO you are not pitiful!

  3. dont even think about being pitiful! aidan is only 7.5 mos and i've already had multiple separation issues (mine, not his!). They'll be home before you know it!

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