I could waste a whole lot of space on here today ranting and raving about the fact that six weeks later, we are still waiting on our I-171H to arrive.

I could complain and whine about the other families who were fingerprinted just a week or so ago and have already received their clearance.

I could put up a fit because our officer will not return phone calls or emails. Ever.

I could freak out because there has not been a referral from Rwanda in many months and as we wait for our CIS clearance, the dossiers continue to stack up at the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion.

Yep, I really could…

but I’ll spare you just this once. 🙂

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  1. …or you could praise God, knowing that His timing is perfect and that He will shape and mold you throughout the whole process. We are praying for you guys!!

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